Colombian Photographer exhibit and class visits

Jeison Riascos, aka el Murcy, is a Colombian photographer whose work is on display at the Lower Hyphen in East Pyne. His photographs focus on the region and people of El Chocó, a lush area of western Colombia with beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean coast. Through his work he showcases the beauty of his land and its people. In this selection of photographs, you can appreciate the culture, resilience, and power of the afro descendants that are the largest group in this area. The artist wants to show the positive side of them, since very often the news outlets either ignores this population or just talk about crime and poverty. But El Chocó is much more than that. El Murcy is not only an artist, but he is also very engaged with his community, offering photography classes to young people, helping to spread the COVID vaccination’s efforts, and being a voice for el Chocó all around the globe.
El Murcy has been talking through zoom with the students in 102, 205, 204 and 207, enriching the curriculum of those classes with his conversations.
Yesterday, we had a wonderful event to inaugurate the exhibition that will be on site until the end of May.

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