Medical Spanish Videos: Shooting!

Last week took place a special shooting at the Broadcast studio in Lewis Library. Paloma Moscardó was “directing” a group of volunteers from around campus in some “mock medical interviews”. The actors were given a script to play the role of patients and doctors in front of the cameras, but also had the chance to speak in a more spontaneous way, as Spanish speakers from different corners of the Americas.  Paloma Moscardó is very grateful to Eneida Toner manager of PLAS who facilitated a list of native speakers and for all the wonderful participants. The shooting was also a great occasion to meet wonderful Latinos in our community.

The videos will be edited and then, during the summer, will be stored in a website where the Medical Spanish students will be able to use them as a learning tool. Special emphasis will be put on the medical and cultural content.

A special thanks to Lance Herrington, senior producer from the McGraw center and to wonderful assistant, Maire Li. Our skeleton, Manolo, was a big hit and with some posters borrowed from Anthropology, gave the set a more realistic look.

This project has been funded by the 250th Anniversary Fund.

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