Congratulations to Adriana Merino on recent book chapter publication!

Lecturer Adriana Merino contributed a chapter to the book Common Ground in First Language and Intercultural Interaction, just published (March 1, 2023) by De Gruyter Mouton. Edited by the founder of Intercultural Pragmatics, Istvan Kecskes, is the Volume 26 in the series in Pragmatics, this book brings together researchers from different angles of pragmatics and communication in L1 and L2. 

Merino’s chapter, “Co-constructing emergent common ground: The role of the intercultural mediator”, explores the dynamic process of building common ground between Spanish and English native and non-native speakers in transient multiparty, intercultural encounters. The chapter delves into the complex interplay between core common ground and emergent common ground, as defined by Kecskés (2014). Merino’s analysis of spontaneous natural interactions between said speakers reveals that even in instances of communication breakdowns or pragmatic missteps, the interactants strive to establish common ground. She highlights the importance of the Intercultural mediator (IM) in facilitating communication and building common ground. 

Merino’s approach is both practical and theoretical, providing useful guidance for anyone working in intercultural communication. The findings also provide insight into pedagogic interventions for enhancing pragmatic awareness, intercultural social skills, and figurative language use in language learning.

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