Meriño’s Research Presentation: Enhancing Multilingual Communication through Intercultural Oral Interactions

One of our lecturers, Adriana Merino, presented her research at the Annual International Conference of the Chilean Linguistics Society (SOCHIL 2023). Merino’s presentation focused on the topic of intercultural oral interactions and their role in promoting effective multilingual and multicultural communication.
During the conference, which took place from May 22nd to May 25th in Santiago, Chile, Merino joined linguists from various fields to exchange their latest research findings. Her study delves into intercultural pragmatics, a field that examines how language is used in cross-cultural interactions, considering the impact of cultural norms on communication.

The aim of her analysis is to identify strategies that foster mutual understanding and minimize misunderstandings by establishing common ground. This research holds great significance for navigating multilingual and multicultural exchanges effectively.

The implications of this research extend to the teaching and learning of second languages. Educators can incorporate these insights into their teaching methods to equip language learners with the tools to bridge cultural gaps and form meaningful connections across linguistic and societal boundaries.

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