Congratulations on your publication, Anna Alsina Naudi!

Anna Alsina Naudi has contributed a chapter to the book Estudios del discurso. The Routledge Handbook of Spanish Language Discourse Studies, edited by Carmen López Ferrero, Isolda E. Carranza and Teun A. van Dijk. The chapter begins with the definition of legal discourse as the formal expression of a communicative act prepared by Law professionals and related to the legal system. She first describes the linguistic characteristics of a kind of communication traditionally characterized by its opacity and lack of naturalness, along with the different types of discourse in the Law field. Secondly, she presents the different perspectives from which legal discourse is analyzed. This begins with Legal Linguistics, which studies the communicative act as a social practice in a specific sociocultural and historical context. Next, the author considers Critical Discourse Analysis in legal texts (oral and written) as well as other interdisciplinary approaches. Finally, some future lines of research are identified as promising in the pursuit of a better understanding of the matter at hand.

To access the handbook click here.

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