Accent coach visit in FRS

Accent Coach Tré Cotten visits Freshman Seminar “The way we talk”

By Anais Holgado Lage

On March 14th the students in the Freshman Seminar 150 “The way we talk”, taught by lecturer Anais Holgado Lage, received the in-person visit from accent coach Tré Cotten (more about his work in this NYT article). Cotten lead a workshop on breathing and sound and how to better speak in public, while he shared some personal stories about the obstacles he has had to overcome and how they have made him stronger. The students had the opportunity to ask him questions about his work and the techniques he had shared with the class. It was an honor to have Tré Cotten on campus and the students showed their appreciation of the visit through a discussion board that they completed about the event.

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