SPA 102 SP2022 Social Video Winners

By Adriana Merino

As part of the SPA102 course, whose overarching theme is Global Citizenship and Social Engagement, students carry out a Semester Long Project where they embrace a social cause and investigate it in-depth, from various perspectives, in their communities and in a Spanish speaking country. They also create a slogan and a logo. In addition to uploading their findings into an elaborate web page to share with their peers, they produce a social video to raise awareness on the issue, spark empathy, and call for action. This video enters a peer contest in each of the 13 sections, and the semifinalists are put to the vote by all the course instructors. From this last instance emerges the winner of the semester. 

This semester, the winners are 

Zoe BermanAidan IacobucciJosey Klein, and Cole Meyer

They investigated drug trafficking into the United States, and “the hypocrisy of this country in dealing with the problem, always blaming Mexico while consumers are in this country”, in the students’ words.  The students advocate for stopping this hypocrisy and engaging in a genuine fight against drugs. Congratulations to the winning team! They have won Spanish books, thanks to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese generous contribution, and a space on this website.

Congratulations to all SPA102 students who worked so hard to produce amazing high-quality web pages and social videos. Thank you to all the “profes” who promote civic and social engagement through advocacy focused on identified social issues while using Spanish in meaningful ways.

You can see the video here the website here.

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