Medical mission in Ecuador

Students in SPA 204 embark on a medical mission in Ecuador

By Paloma Moscardó-Vallés

Over Spring break, 12 students from SPA 204 traveled to Ecuador for an experience that brings together health education, humanitarian engagement, and the Spanish language. The students helped a team of eye doctors from Pennsylvania (Conestoga Eye) and together they traveled in 5 medical caravans, which were arranged by the Ecuadorian foundation Fibuspam.

In preparation for the trip, students learned about the culture, health policies, and humanitarian work in Ecuador, along with medical vocabulary in Spanish.

During the mission, the team was able to screen 1142 children in their schools, prescribing 210 pairs of glasses, and performed 6 eye surgeries. The students documented their experiences and personal reflections while providing practical information about the area here:

The team receives special hoods and ponchos at the closing ceremony in Ecuador

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