SOLPHE 2022 – Promoting Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback

Adriana Merino presented at the Symposium on Language Pedagogy in Higher Education, co-hosted by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign & Ohio University (October 8, 2022). Her paper, titled “Promoting Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback”, was the product of her action research on assessment practices. She contends that the assessment of student learning and outcomes in Higher Education (HE) needs to be constantly oriented towards more authentic, student-centered, and performance-based perspectives. Despite the growing literature on formative assessment and feedback, summative assessment is still predominant in HE (Medland, 2016), which, unfortunately, detracts from learning. She addressed some key issues surrounding formative assessment, its underlying principles, and its relevance in second language teaching to enhance the opportunities for learners to learn. Since there is no single way to design formative assessment tasks, and no one size fits all, the aim of the presentation was to encourage second language educators to think about purposeful formative assessment activities, and formative feedback and feedforward techniques to better provide an enhanced learning environment for students.

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