2022 CLTL Workshop – Empathy-building and social engagement in the language classroom

Adriana Merino led a workshop at the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning (CLTL) Workshop on Language Pedagogy at Cornell University on October 29, 2022. This one-hour hands-on workshop provided an overview of Empathy and Social Justice as a transformative approach to social and emotional learning. Merino introduced her Framework for Empathic Learning (FEL) that provides a model for activating empathy in the L2 classroom. Throughout the workshop, participants were invited to reflect on the ways in which Transformative FEL serves as a lever for equity by promoting higher-order skills, agency, belonging, curiosity, and collaborative decision-making. Participants worked on lesson plans, unit designs, and projects that they may implement to integrate Empathic Learning competencies robustly into their language curriculum.

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