Conference Panel MLA 2022 – Masculinities, Otherness, and Social Conflict in the Contemporary Andean Novel

César A. Romero Fernández

César Romero organized, chaired and presented at this panel at the MLA 2022, in Washington D.C. The panel reflected around the changes and re-inscriptions of Andean masculinities during the twentieth century, as represented in novels of different styles and traditions. By establishing a dialogue between authors that are regularly studied as quite different, and even ideological rivals, this panel revealed the ominous presence of the manlier, the feminized, the darker, the whiter, the forbidden and desired other masculine bodies, that constitute, excite, and menace their male character’s identities. By doing so, the presentations provided new insights into these works’ revisions of and proposals for Andean history, politics, and future. In his own presentation, “Trans-racial Masculinities and New Affective Communities in Arguedas’s Zorros,” César Romero analyzed Jose María Arguedas’s novel The Fox from Up Above and the Fox from Down Below, to demonstrate he produced a relational re-envisioning of Indigenous and Afro-Peruvian masculinities. The other colleagues presenting were Javier Muñoz-Díaz (St. Lawrence University), Carlos Rubens López Pari (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Jonatan Guerra (University of Colorado Boulder).

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