Iria González Becerra

Iria González Becerra (EdD King’s College London, MPhil University of Birmingham, MA Universidade da Coruna, Spain) joined the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton in Fall 2019 after working as Spanish coordinator at Imperial College London for ten years. At Imperial, she was involved in the development of language courses and teaching materials for students from STEM backgrounds, and coordinated the provision of all Spanish courses.

During her time at Princeton Iria has taught a range of levels (SPA103, SPA108, SPA207, SPA209) and acted as coordinator for SPA103 and SPA207. In the summer of 2020 she was the recipient of one of the PCLS Summer Fellowships , alongside Dr. Gorka Bilbao Terreros, to design ConTextos, a language learning platform for advanced levels. She also participated in curricular redesign, adapting course materials to distanced teaching, developing the Canvas sites for SPA103 and SPA207, co-designing and embedding a Zoom-mediated theatre initiative in SPA 207 in collaboration with Dr. Berta Alcalá del Río, and leading reflexive sessions for lecturers to guide curricular review (ReVisiones pedagógicas: evaluación, tecnología, progresión).

Iria’s main interest lies in the design of teaching materials for specific purposes and in the application of technology to the classroom. She has also conducted research in language learning motivation, learner investment and perceptions of value. For her doctoral thesis, she developed a qualitative context-sensitive model to represent the value of foreign language learning for STEM students, highlighting the discursive tensions that impact learners’ perseverance and proposing value as analytical tool to expand the study of motivation and complement the notion of investment.

Iria will return to Imperial College London in Fall 2021, where she will continue teaching and coordinating the Spanish section of the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication.


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