ConTextos in NEALLT

Sharing a new way to map readings holistically with an SPO designed tool

The ConTextos development team (Gorka Bilbao Terreros, Iria González-Becerra and Ben Johnston) addressed the conceptualization, design and development of this online platform for language learning currently used in advanced levels in a double session at the NEALLT 2021 virtual conference ‘From Tried and True to Generation Next—Language Learning in the Post-Communicative Age‘ organized by Lafayette College.

ConTextos was created thanks to the support of the PCLS – Gorka and Iria were the recipients of their 2020 Summer Fellowship – and has now been fully embedded in SPA108 with the hope that it may also be useful for other levels.

Providing integrated, function-focused, linguistic instruction through interactive mapped texts in a flipped-classroom model, ConTextos uses exploration and discovery tools in order to facilitate learners’ engagement in analytical reading in the target language. Its aim is to foster a holistic approach to the pedagogical ‘reading’ of textual sources through interconnected layers of analysis (Structure-Function-Grammar). Thanks to Ben Johnston’s work, participants had the opportunity to navigate a ConTextos sampler during the session to explore the concept of total mapping and function-based instruction from an end-user perspective and to take home the WordPress ConTextos plugin that makes its layered navigation possible to apply to their own projects.

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