Scene of a Crime. Presentation at NEMLA 2021

Scene of a Crime. Integrating Specific Vocabulary in a Course of Legal Spanish

Lecturer Anna Alsina Naudi recently presented at the 52th NeMLA Convention (2021) “Scene of a crime: integrating specific vocabulary in a course of legal Spanish” as part of the panel “Beyond the Vocabulary: Ensuring Relevancy for Language for Specific Purpose Courses”. Her talk described a workshop (“taller de criminalística”) that is run within the Legal and Business Spanish course she coordinates in which students learn vocabulary in context following the clues from the scene of a crime to the final court ruling (evidence gathering, exploring the procedure and understanding the roles of people involved in court). In this practical workshop, students read legal texts, work on vocabulary and grammar (with special emphasis on aspects often used in formal documents or in court), listen to a live talk, and perform several tasks connected to a movie. All the steps lead to the final project (a mock trial) where students integrate the skills learned within the specific context provided. The discussions and assignments during and after the workshop showed how students successfully incorporated most of the specific language taught in the workshop.

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