Digital Media in Spain

FronteraD y Los nombres de las cosas: un nuevo marco para la actualidad en la era de los medios inflacionarios / 1616: Anuario de Literatura Comparada, 9 (2019), 85-103 

From the transition to democracy to the more recent economic crisis, the Culture of the Transition has consolidated itself in Spain as the hegemonic system which, relying on mainstream media, produces a coherent narrative of the present. This univocal and stable “reality” is counteracted by a different configuration of the real that has emerged in recent years in independent publications of narrative journalism, such as the digital magazine FronteraD. This article argues that FronteraD reframes the present through its use of slow journalism, its focus on everyday life and its transnational character. In doing so, it distances itself from the content and style of traditional news media in Spain. As a free-culture and multimedia project, FronteraD requires new comparative and interdisciplinary approaches that lead to a reconsideration of the conventional categories of Peninsularism and Hispanism. 

The article can be found here.

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