Presentation at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Anna Alsina presented her work on juridical language in the United States

Lecturer Anna Alsina presented her research work on Plain Legal Language at the “Rebus Sic Stantibus I Jornada UIC Lenguaje jurídico” at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona. The workshop took place on May 31, 2019 and brought together jurists and linguists to compare and brainstorm about how legal language should be clearer and more approachable to citizens. In her presentation, Anna Alsina presented the case of plain legal English in the United States and in various countries in Latin America and pointed out the Chilean model as the most advanced in this field. For further detailed information, please follow the link below to Confilegal, a digital newspaper specialized in legal news, law firms and legal events that published an article describing the event:


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