Attitudes and Ideologies

Andean Spanish and Provinciano Identity in Lima, Peru

Daniela Salcedo Arnaiz has contributed a chapter to the book Hispanic Contact Linguistics: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Perspectives, to be published by John Benjamins Press this year. The article, entitled “Andean Spanish and Provinciano Identity: Language Attitudes and Linguistic Ideologies towards Andean Migrants in Lima, Peru”, provides an approach to the language attitudes and ideologies that both Limeños and Andean migrants have towards a selection of (stigmatized) morphosyntactic features from Andean Spanish. Prof. Salcedo’s fieldwork and research indicate that (Andean) identity is undeniably conditioned by location, ethnicity, level of education, and race, as well as all the processes, relationships, and social interactions that take place in Lima.

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