Documentary Screening

Special documentary screening: “The Eyes of the Journey”

By Catalina Méndez Vallejo

On April 5th, there was a special screening of the film “The Eyes of the Journey”/”Los Ojos del Camino”. The screening was co-sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Program in Latin American Studies.

The documentary was filmed in the beautiful Andean region of Peru and is entirely in Quechua. It follows Hipólito Peralta Ccama, a healer and a strong proponent of the revitalization of Andean thought and spirituality, in his journey through several sacred spaces in the Andean world.

The film is a memorable poetic journey through beautiful Andean landscapes and it shows the search for a deeper understanding of nature as a living being, as an eternal companion for humankind.

Opening remarks from Hipólito Peralta Ccama (left), Rodrigo Otero Heraud (center) and Catalina Méndez Vallejo (right)

The film has received numerous awards, such as “Best film” at the Festival Cine Amazonia in Brazil, “Best Foreign Film” at the Dreamspeakers Festival in Canada, and “Best Photography” at the Ushuaia Film Festival in Argentina.

Prof. Liliana Sánchez (Rutgers University) translates for Peralta Ccama

At the end of the screening there was a discussion with the director, Rodrigo Otero Heraud, and the protagonist, Hipólito Peralta Ccama. Professor Liliana Sánchez from Rutgers University translated for Peralta Ccama.

Discussion session after the screening of the film

The film was screened for the first time at Princeton University as part of the U.S. University Tour, which continued at Rutgers University, New York University, Harvard University, and the University of Illinois.

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